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Performance for FY21/22


Whelp, July 1st came around and that means a new financial year, and a chance to look back and see if my blog lives up to its title. And wow, does it ever! What a horrible, horrible second half of the year. Let’s examine the carnage…

Main Portfolio

Minus 23.58%! All my 2021 gains pretty much got wiped out by the end of January, and then my portfolio kept on burrowing to the centre of the earth. Oof that stings. Good news is that recently things have started turning around and I’ve almost caught back up to the ASX200 on an all-time level, so hopefully that can continue. I have a feeling everything is going to go to hell at least twice more this year though.

Best Performers

  1. Novonix (176.13%) – this was a fun ride. I sold it off in my April purge fortunately/unfortunately – not because I thought it was bad, but I was up heaps and wanted to lock in at least some gains for this cursed house deposit. I have no idea how NVX is doing these days but maybe I’ll revisit.
  2. SARK (34.55%) – as I’ve said a few times in previous posts, I bought this as a semi-joke because it shorted things I’d normally go all-in on (SARK shorts the ARKK ETF). Looks like that paid off.
  3. Droneshield (30%) – hooray for the military-industrial complex.

Worst Performers

  1. Virgin Galactic (-79.2%) – ha! I’ll stubbornly never sell this and probably end up buying more.
  2. Twilio (-76.99) – this one confuses me. Twilio have a good product, get used widely, everything to do with its share price has gone to hell. I should probably pay more attention to company reports – I must confess I have not been following news on anything I own since April, which is why this (and the previous) post aren’t even speculating on why things went up/down.
  3. Dubber (-76%) – a classic Motley Fool pick. I dunno, this still feels like it should be a good bet despite that giant negative gain I’ve made.

Hedgefundie’s Excellent Adventure

The adventure was absolutely not excellent, with a 45.21% loss in the last financial year, most of it happening in 2Q22. Things have been improving but have a long way to go (and at the time of writing I’m down 30% overall). It has been a bit of a hot mess, and I think selling off a lot of this in April contributed to it quite a bit. Ah well, can’t win ’em all (or any). We’re looking super long term on this so hopefully things will turn around in the next 500 years…

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David Loses Money Tracking my adventures in making money without earning it