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Performance for 1Q22


I haven’t been doing much in the way of investing recently as my life is a hot mess (more in the next post), but I should catch up on all this.

The first quarter of 2022 was an absolute garbage fire in terms of my investments. They’re still falling apart now, but wow – going from being up a heap to cratering to the centre of the earth in the space of a few months has been psychologically difficult, to say the least. Part of the issue is it got so horrible that I just stopped looking because it was making me depressed – which possibly stopped me from selling when maybe it would have been a good idea. But oh well. Let’s delve further into it.

Main Portfolio

Yikes. The wheels well and truly started coming off here. Down 18.16% while the ASX200 went up 2.48%. Things started getting dodgy with the US interest rate rises, then really went to hell once the war started. This has been my worst quarter since I started investing, and I think resulted in almost all my gains since I started investing being wiped out too. Or maybe that came last month, I don’t know – I really should pay more attention to this all.

Best Performers

  1. Perseus Mining (20.99%) – they’re a gold miner. Everything is going good for them as far as operations goes, and the world is going to hell so gold is a “safe” bet. I find it weird how gold is seen as safe.
  2. Nanollose (15%) – no idea why this is up. The pilot spin of their product went successful (they make textiles from beer waste), so guessing that must be it.
  3. Aussie Broadband (12%) – generally a decent company, everything went to shit the other week but that’s outside of 1Q.

Worst Performers

  1. Roblox (-56.51%) – they found themselves unable to maintain growth momentum once lockdowns etc ended, which like… I don’t understand how this wasn’t priced in already.
  2. Dubber (-50.21%) – this one is a mystery. I don’t think they’re running a profit but it’s a solid business that keeps growing and has a huge client list. But it’s also heavily shorted and… if I had some cash spare I’d probs double down on this one.
  3. Twilio (-39.28%) – same on this one. So cheap, would buy more.

Hedgefundie’s Excellent Adventure

NOTE: the numbers here are wrong. The UPRO split screwed things up more than I realised. I have fixed them up since so the live graphs are correct, but this screenshot and the associated commentary are on wrong values. Yes, I could just redo the post but at the time of this edit (12th August) I just… cbf.

Okay so that weird spike is due to there being a split of UPRO that I clearly didn’t flatten out properly, but at least this overall isn’t as horrible as my main portfolio (ha, but now…). I lost 2.27% vs ASX200 gaining 2.48%.

My split ended up being 66.31% UPRO and 33.69% TMF, a pretty huge difference from the usual 55/45 target, unfortunately mostly attributed to TMF falling off a cliff while UPRO went up. Both have been falling ever since. It’s not ideal.

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David Loses Money Tracking my adventures in making money without earning it