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Recent Trades [February 2022]


So. Everything has been a hot mess recently. All my gains this FY have vanished, and at the time of writing I’m down about 7%. The value of all my cryto has halved. Things are very unpleasant.

But this isn’t the first time everything has gone to hell, and it won’t be the last. I still believe in all the companies I’ve bought into, and will likely invest more as money comes up. Markets are just all over the place though at the moment so I haven’t really felt confident buying (or selling) anything – the plan at the moment is to just sit on my hands until all this volatility shakes out and things feel more steady, then I’ll go discount shopping. I haven’t panic sold anything, although I really wish I had stop losses set on like… three quarters of my portfolio. Ah well, next time (I write this full-well knowing I’m an idiot who won’t set stop losses next time).

What has helped over this past month or so is having friends in similar situations to talk to – we’re all screwed, but I think the camaraderie and realisation that you’re not alone in this helps a lot. That plus I’ve been on holidays (you should really go to Fiji if you haven’t already – it’s amazing), caught COVID (extremely not fun), and been hammered with work, so that hasn’t left heaps of time to fret over dreams of not working for money getting pushed further into the distance. But I did grab some more Hedgefundies as well as the following…


Buy: Tuttle Capital Short Innovation ETF (SARK)

This was kind of done as a joke. I was having a whinge to my friends about everything I buy immediately going to hell, so the thought was that if I buy into SARK (it’s an ETF that attempts to inverse ARKK) it’ll tank, which will therefore cause all my more speccy tech stuff to go up. So far not only has it dropped, but also all of my speccy tech stuff has too. I can’t win!

Buy: Dubber (DUB)

The price is down about 50% since I bought it in December and nothing has really changed about the company, so I grabbed some more.

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David Loses Money Tracking my adventures in making money without earning it