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Performance for 4Q21


Wow, December was pretty horrible for me. I lost most of my gains for this FY and it was just a mess. It felt like every decision I made was the wrong one, no matter how much research I did or how long I spent thinking about it. Fingers crossed for a better quarter now.

Something I wanted to do in 2022 was…. well, get better at this. I’ve bought a bunch of books to study and we’ll see how we go.

Main Portfolio


What a mess. November I was flying high, then the wheels fell off on… well, everything pretty much. Things were tanking left and right, be it on dumb punts or stuff I’d thought out. I’m not even beating the index, ugh. It was hugely disappointing, but at times like this I tell myself I’m still doing better than if I had left it in savings.

Best Performers

  1. Himax (51.0%): FINALLY. This has been in freefall ever since I bought it, but I kept topping up as it fundamentally seemed like a good company. In the week before Christmas it finally stopped dropping (I was down around 30% at that point) and decided to rocket. I should probably set a stop loss under it now.
  2. Qualcomm (42.0%): not gonna lie, I forgot I had this and haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on with it, but hooray.
  3. Nvidia (41.7%): Nvidia has been on a tear – I thought the issues with them buying Arm would cause a drop but it’s been going higher and higher consistently. I fear it’s now way too high so I should probably set stops on this too.

Worst Performers

  1. Virgin Galactic (-40.9%): they announced delays in launching and it’s been red ever since. I’m just going to ignore this until 3Q22.
  2. Tinybeans (-40.7%): they’ve been shitting themselves for most of the year, ever since they introduced a subscription offering. I mean yeah, they need to do something to drive profits, but it seems that the way they introduced it burned through an enormous amount of goodwill within the community they fostered, which has me a bit antsy. They are hitting all their growth targets though, and should be listing on Nasdaq soon, which I’m expecting should reverse this downtrend.
  3. Square/Block (-32.8%): this has hurt quite a bit, as I have a heap of Afterpay shares and they now more-or-less follow Square’s share price. I don’t think there’s anything fundamentally wrong with the company and expect a bump after the next earnings report. Might actually buy more tbh.

Hedgefundie’s Excellent Adventure

Wow! Look at it go! I’ve been really happy and surprised with how well this fared in December. I was haemorrhaging cash every day yet Hedgefundies was mostly unaffected.

I’ve finished the quarter with the allocations at 60.66% UPRO and 39.34 TMF. I’ll do a rebalance back to 55/45 when the market opens tonight (or tomorrow morning if I wake up before 8AM), and I’m also looking at selling some of my VESG to put into this as well.

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David Loses Money Tracking my adventures in making money without earning it