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Recent Trades [September 2021]


I’m not sure how frequently I should do these posts. At the moment I’m going with my gut, just writing when I feel like I’ve done a few – but whatever a “few” is is some arbitrary number that depends on the alignment of the stars or whatever. But here’s what I’ve been up to recently. I’m due for a quarterly rebalance on Hedgefundies on Friday so I’ll do a separate post about that then. But anyway, here’s my activity since the last post about this 2 months ago…


MEMMemphasysBuyI bought into Memphasys a while ago. The rationale was 40% because they’re developing machines to automatically separate out “good” sperm from semen for IVF (in people, horses, etc) and 60% because lol jizz. Development of their product copped a heap of delays late last year and the share price tanked 35% from when I bought it, and it has hovered around there since. I bought more to average down, as I think this has really good potential once they finally launch.
HZRHazerBuyI’ve been mulling over Hazer for ages. They’re a company that is developing tech to convert methane and iron ore into hydrogen and graphite. We all know that mitigating climate change is going to be a huge thing in future years and I’ve got other stocks that are in wind/solar and lithium, however I didn’t have anything hydrogen. Hydrogen will likely never become mainstream in cars etc, however it’s likely to be the most viable alternative to biofuels in aviation when it comes to reducing emissions there – and aviation is going to have a nightmare of a time reducing emissions in the coming years.
FXLV (US)F45 TrainingBuyThe price has tanked since I bought in on day one, so I bought more. As gyms reopen in Australia they should be doing better locally, and I’d expect their international stuff to start picking up now that it feels like we’re on the home stretch of this pandemic (did I just jinx it?).
HIMX (US)HimaxBuySame as above really. Price tanked 20% on me so I doubled down and bought more.
T3KTEK-OceanBuy/IPOAs I mentioned in my previous Recent Trades post, I bought into TEK-Ocean mainly to find out how IPOs work. Price tanked on launch and I the HIN on my application forms got truncated, so I’m currently dealing with paperwork getting the shares transferred over to my trading account. Regardless, I am optimistic about their prospects.
X2MX2M ConnectBuy/IPOAnother IPO I was curious about. This time I got my HIN correct though! On launch day they went up 40%, then in the days following they slid, leaving me to be down 2% at the time of writing. But they develop smart meter tech for electricity companies (or anything else you can smart-ise) and are looking to expand throughout Asia.


Annoyingly, I missed that huge dip a few weeks back because I was waiting for payday before putting more in. Ah well.

CardanoBuyBecause I always buy Cardano, it’s my fave.
AudiusBuyHad a small amount of Audius for a while and I’ve noticed it bounces around a lot, so I added more to that. A day later it was up 50% so hooray.
CelerBuyPart of a “buy random crap and hope one rockets” play.
TerraBuy Part of a “buy random crap and hope one rockets” play.
SolanaBuySolana has been on a tear. I had a small amount and watched it rise 2,000%, the whole time thinking “I should buy more when there’s a dip” but it just never happened. Even when the network halted for a few hours, thus proving it’s not very decentralised – I thought it would’ve tanked after that but it didn’t. It’s about 20% off ATH now though so I grabbed a bit.
EOSBuy Part of a “buy random crap and hope one rockets” play.


Viral VenturesBuyThey’re an events company. Think ball pits, floating cinema, curling bars – basically stuff that people take lots of photos to post to Instagram at. Felt viable.

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David Loses Money Tracking my adventures in making money without earning it