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Recent Trades [August 2021]


I’ve done an abnormally large amount of trades in the past few weeks – mainly as a result of:

  1. Lockdown hitting Sydney so there’s nothing else to spend money on for the next few months.
  2. A lot of holiday refund money coming into my bank account.

I think I’m about tapped out for the rest of the month, but we’ll see – I’m still trying to chase down about $1,000 in ski season pass refunds, and if that ever comes through I’ll probably dump it on Boeing.

In addition to the trades below, I bought UPRO and TMF as part of my Hedgefundie’s Excellent Adventure experiment.


VESGVanguard Ethically Conscious International Shares IndexBuyThis is what I view as a “safe” ETF. It’s more-or-less VGS with the weapons/porn/ciggie/oil companies stripped out of it. Comparing it side-by-side to VGS and it always seems to outperform it, so I use it as my default anchor.
FXLV (US)F45 TrainingBuyIf you match with a girl on Tinder and she does F45, it is absolutely guaranteed that she will get weird and not shut up about it.
GEARBetashares 200% Geared ASX200BuyIt’s the ASX200 but with returns doubled (in both directions). This was as boring as I was willing to get with ETFs.
SPCE (US)Virgin GalacticBuyI’ve had this forever and opted to buy more when they tanked the share price by announcing a dilution. I believe private space exploration/tourism is an industry that is extremely in its infancy and has a tonne of room to grow over the next few decades.
FB (US)FacebookBuy/SellBought because I couldn’t think of anything better to do, then it tanked 5% due to them saying growth would slow. Sold half to buy Corsair, which tanked 10%. I’m so good at this.
HIMX (US)HimaxBuyThe fundamentals of Himax looked really good from all my armchair research, so I thought why not?
GOOGL (US)GoogleBuyIt’s Google. I bought this on the same day as Facebook – it was part of a “I don’t have any better ideas right now” night.
HERO (US)Global X Videogames & eSports ETFSellI’ve had this for a while and it’s been aimlessly drifting sideways almost the entire time – thought I’d ditch it and put the money into other things.
CRSR (US)CorsairBuyUgh. Okay so this was an earnings play – I thought their 2Q results were going to be really good and I was wrong. The things screwing them at the moment seem to be the semiconductor shortage and freight costs (both of which are pandemic symptoms), so I think once this crap is over they’ll be doing pretty well.
PLTPlentiBuyI’ve used RateSetter (now Plenti) in the past to get interest and it does what it says on the box. I’m chasing higher returns so I don’t use them anymore, but I think they have a good niche and I’m unaware of any legitimate competitors in the P2P lending space.
AQZAlliance AviationBuyAlliance are a charter airline that handles FIFO and other contracts within Australia. Fundamentals look good, they seem undervalued, and they’re generally unaffected by pandemic travel, however I’m not really sure where any major growth is going to come from. Just bought to see what happens.
ABBAussie BroadbandBuyI think Aussie will be the next TPG (or they’ll get bought by TPG, like every other communications stock I’ve owned).
SSGShaver ShopBuyI don’t know. The company has been around forever and their balance sheets are super solid, plus they have no debt. I think this will be pretty stable but nothing amazing – I can’t really see how they’ll grow outside of expanding internationally, but who knows, maybe once this pandemic is over everyone’ll be wanting to shave before leaving their houses once more.
PLTR (US)PalantirBuyDunno. All the cool kids are doing it.


CardanoBuyCardano is my go-to crypto of choice and I think it’ll be one of the ones standing when the dust settles.
EthereumBuyEthereum is another of the majors, and the London fork this week will fix a lot of the gas fee problems and allow it to scale much better, which should enable more use cases.
AlgorandBuyWanted to see how Algorand’s staking worked.
VeChainBuySame as above.
DogecoinSellIt’s a shitcoin. The constant inflation means it’s a struggle to get it to go up, and relies entirely on its meme status.
PolkadotSellNo reason, just felt like it.
CosmosBuyWanted to see how staking worked within Cosmos.


OpenlyBuyOn the fence about whether there’s enough demand for privacy tools given (from experience) how much it’s an afterthought within companies, but thought I’d give them a crack.
Euclideon EntertainmentBuyHolograms!
Tek-OceanBuyThese guys are IPOing on the ASX in September, thought I’d buy in mainly to see how the whole process works (also the sale price vs EPS seems massively discounted, but we’ll see what happens). Other than that though they seem like a decent company operating within a very specific niche.

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David Loses Money Tracking my adventures in making money without earning it